Spring into Summer

Somewhere amongst the four seasons, Spring seemed to come and go with seemingly not too much fanfare. Tentatively, I look out the window as I find my spirits dampened by yet another grey and overcast day.

They say that in Melbourne, you can experience four seasons in one day. Here in Margaret River, you can experience four seasons in one hour (and we’ll throw in the mosquito’s, snakes, sharks and sand flies…etc).

But the water quality at some of the beach breaks has been nothing short of breathtaking. You could’ve been forgiven for thinking that you were surfing in a pool and not the Indian Ocean.

Roll on Summer…


The Forgotten File

I was clearing out some space from my computer this morning and the first file that I opened up contained a suite of images that were approximately two weeks old. Upon opening up the file, I had to stop and think about where the photo’s were actually captured. I tend to reconnect with certain days based on the surf on that particular day and not the actual date according to a calendar (if that makes sense?).

From this session, I’ve shared maybe two images on Instagram (@Peter Jovic Photography) and one on Facebook.

Anyway, here’s a few pics from ‘The Forgotten File’ – If only I could remember where…


The Pro’s Invade Margaret River

The Margaret River Pro doesn’t kick off for another two days. But the Pro’s were in full swing today at a spot that may well kick start the event for 2017 on Wednesday.

There was action aplenty, even in waves that could best be described as ‘average’ at a place that is one of the best waves in West Oz when it turns on (like last Sunday). Still, that didn’t stop the hoards of surfers and photographers from descending upon this particular sleepy little town. With a judges viewing platform already in place and scaffold being erected, there was only one last thing to do. Bring in the portable dunnies.

With all of the action unfolding before my very eyes, I couldn’t help but wonder…is this the last time that we’ll be seeing the Pro’s in Margaret River??

Some would hope not. Some couldn’t care less. One thing is for sure though – the show must go on.


Super Sunday

The 19th of March saw some pumping waves in the south west. One spot in particular seemed to have it all. Heavy wipeouts, crowds, drop-ins, busted boards and broken bodies. And of course…there were barrels. But would you honestly expect anything less when this spot is pumping on a Sunday?

Autumn has arrived.


Summer Dayz

Here’s a few images from a fun day of surf on a hot summers day on Friday 24th February. The conditions were fantastic and the waves were smoking.

Enough Said.